Veito® Aero 2500W Black


AERO 2500W carbon infrared heater
The new Veito Aero 2500W electric heater is a wall and ceiling mounted infrared heater, suitable to be used both inside and outdoors. The elegant, slim and compact design of the heater ensures maximum efficiency and heating. The electric heater is accompanied by a control remote that can adjust the heat levels, power settings, timer function and automatic temperature control. You can also connect more than more Aero heater to a single remote.

The Aero 2500W carbon infrared electric heater has been diligently designed to offer consistency and durability in performance.

The Veito Aero 2500W Heater Black can be shipped all across Canada. We dispatch items for shipping within 48 hours of processing your order. You can choose your preferable shipping method at checkout to ensure a quick delivery. Get in touch with our Customer Services Department if you have to return/replace your Veito Aero 2500W Black Heater in the Contact Us section.

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The Veito® Aero 2500W Black is available for shipping across Canada. Items ship within 48 hours of order being processed. Once the item leaves our warehouse, the shipping method you choose on the checkout page determines how quickly your shipped item arrives. Please contact our Customer Services Department regarding return and/or replacement of the Veito® Aero 2500W Black via our contact us page.


Infrared heating is based on the same principle on which the sun provides us heat. Infrared rays heat the object directly, instead of simply heating the air around it. This means that heating is done faster, and in an efficient manner, along with energy savings.

In less than 10 seconds, the Veito Aero 2500W infrared electric heater starts providing the heat you seek. Traditional heaters waste energy by heating the air, but the Aero infrared heaters turn 100% of the energy provided to them into heat. The biggest benefit of the Aero infrared heaters is the fact that you can heat up limited spaces and individuals, and can keep only the area you want warm, thus saving you a great deal on your bills. With the latest carbon fibre technology providing even heat distribution, forget about having hot and cold zones around the heater, depending on the distance. This generates 25% more heat than other heaters.

The Veito Aero 2500W is an elegantly crafted wall and ceiling electric heater that comes with brackets for easy installation. The compact design seamlessly fits anywhere and anyway you want. Vertical, horizontal or suspended from the ceiling – the electric heater can be used in any orientation.
The protective exterior grill is stainless and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The plastic that coats the exterior is used in the back is heat resistant as well. The full function remote that comes with the electric heater can be used to set the desired temperature, resulting in big savings. The remote can also be used to control several heaters from a long range.
The tip over protection and motion sensitive auto shut off are a few of the many safety features in the Aero heaters. Other features include turn off when tipped over, auto shut off timer, time-specific auto shut off, sleep timer and overheat protection make the heater user-friendly and completely safe to use. With a sturdy design and strong construction work, the Aero has been built to give a robust life-long performance.

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Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 70 x 21 x 10 cm


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