Veito® Aero 2500W Silver


AERO 2500W carbon infrared heater
The modern Veito Aero 2500W electric heater provides the ultimate indoor and outdoor heating solution. The heater is designed to occupy minimal space that emits heat to a wide range. Every Veito electric heater comes with an assurance of efficient, consistent and sturdy performance. A full control remote allows regulating heat level, power settings, timer and automatic temperature control from a long distance. You can also control several Aero heaters with a single remote, as they operate on the same frequency.

The Veito Aero 2500W Silver is available for shipping across Canada. We process and ship your orders within 48 hours. You can choose your preferred shipping method during checkout to ensure that your order arrives according to your preference. Get in touch with our Customer Services Department about any return/replacement requests of Veito Aero 2500W Silver through our Contact Us page.

The Veito® Aero 2500W Silver is available for shipping across Canada. Items ship within 48 hours of order being processed. Once the item leaves our warehouse, the shipping method you choose on the checkout page determines how quickly your shipped item arrives. Please contact our Customer Services Department regarding return and/or replacement of the Veito® Aero 2500W Silver via our contact us page.


Infrared heaters work on the same principle as that of the sun, by heating objects and things directly, instead of heating the air around it. This means that the heating process is much more efficient, faster that leads to better heating and bigger savings on energy bills.

Regular heaters waste energy by heating the air, whereas the Veito Aero 2500W converts 100% of the energy provided into heat. This ensures that the electric heater can heat spaces and individuals instead of emitting heat into the entire space. With less than 10 seconds needed to start heating after being switched on, the infrared heater warms the area around you and helps you reduce your energy bills. Laced with the latest carbon fiber technology to provide 25% more heat and even distribution, the Aero is the most energy efficient electric heater there is.

The heater comes with easy fixing brackets, making installation a child’s play. The compact design, apt for every space, ensures that it can be suspended vertically, horizontally and from the ceiling as well. The remote allows automatic temperature control, thereby ensuring consistent heating and efficient utilization of energy. You can regulate heat levels, timers and settings of the automatic temperature control of various Veito electric heaters using the same remote. The several built-in safety features like tip over protection, motion sensitive auto shut off, auto shut off timer, sleep timer, overheat protection etc. ensure maximum security.

The plastic on the outer edges and the back of the heater are heat resistant, and the exterior protective grill comes with a lifetime guarantee. The silver model uses high-grade chemical covered aluminium to give a distinct look and design. Each Veito electric heater has been designed to offer the best heating solution, with efficient, robust and long-lasting performance.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 70 x 21 x 10 cm


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